Official Contest Rules!

The success of the third annual Great Florida Bug Hunt depends on the honesty of all the scuba divers participating. Fair play among all the participants is critical and essential. The following contest rules must be followed at all times.

PARTICIPANTS: All participants in the Great Florida Bug Hunt Contest MUST be certified scuba divers. You MUST also possess a current and valid State of Florida saltwater fishing license and lobster stamp in order to take part in the contest.

REGISTRATION: In addition to registering online, you can also register at these dive shops:

South Florida Diving Headquarters, 125 N. Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach, Fla. Tel: 954-783-2299.

The deadline to register online is 5PM the day before mini-season starts. Participating BugFest dive stores and charter boats reserve the right to refuse to accept an entry from any diver for any reason. There is a $20, non-refundable entry fee.             

You must register your Buddy Team in advance by sending an e-mail to . The deadline to register is noon the day before mini-season begins. There is no extra cost to register your buddy team, but each buddy team member must be registered for the Great Florida Bug Hunt.       


WAIVER: By registering for the Great Florida Bug Hunt, participants agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Town's BugFest Waiver Liability Form.                         

BOUNDARIES: The contest is restricted to spiny lobsters caught off Broward, Palm Beach or Miami-Dade counties.

SPECIES: The contest is limited to Florida (Caribbean) spiny lobsters (Panulirus argus).

REGULATIONS: Divers must adhere to ALL Florida regulations and state laws regarding lobster mini-season, boating, diving and displaying the Divers Down Flag. Spiny lobsters must be caught legally with a snare or a tickle stick and net. Lobsters cannot be speared, a violation of state lobster regulations. Again, lobsters must be caught legally and you must adhere to all applicable Florida regulations and laws.

RESPECT: Please respect the ocean and coral reef. Do not damage the reef while catching a lobster.

START/STOP: The contest begins at 12:01AM that first Wednesday of mini-season and ends at 4PM on Thursday. Prizes will be awarded for the biggest lobsters according to weight.

SAFETY: Divers must agree to follow all accepted safety procedures when scuba diving at all times.


WEIGH-INS: There are two sites where lobsters can be weighed and entered into the contest:

-- El Prado Park from 4 to 7PM on Wednesday.

-- El Prado Park from 2 to 6PM on Thursday. 

 El Prado is a beachfront park located on El Mar Drive, which is just one street east of State Road A1A a half-mile north of Commercial Boulevard. It is directly across from Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Town Hall, 4501 Ocean Drive.

-- South Florida Diving Headquarters from 10AM to 5PM on Wednesday.

-- South Florida Diving Headquarters from 10AM to 5PM on Thursday.

South Florida Diving Headquarters is at 125 N. Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach. SFDH is located at the Sands Marina in Pompano Beach on the Intracoastal Waterway just north of Atlantic Boulevard.  





WEATHER: The contest does not have a weather committee. It is up to each diver or boat captain to determine if weather conditions are safe enough to dive. All participants, including beach divers, are advised to be familiar with local weather conditions and weather forecasts from NOAA to determine if the conditions permit the safe departure and return of the boat, crew, divers and guests.         


CASH AND PRIZES: BugFest reserves the right to add extra prizes or to upgrade contest prizes. Prize money and other prizes will only be given out with proof of identification using a valid picture ID card (driver's license).

PROTEST: Any protest must be made verbally at the time of the incident at the weigh-in station. Any disputes will be addressed by the Great Florida Bug Hunt Contest Coordinators: Steve d'Oliveira, Glenn McCormick and Karen Bertocci.   

PARTICIPANTS: All participants entering the contest agree that all decisions and judgments made by the official contest rules committee shall be final and binding in any manner requiring its action.

By registering you hereby agree to follow all of the above rules and regulations.